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The Academic Commission ofthe Doctorate in Chemical Science and Technology, within the Program Improvement Plan, has decided to organize the series of conferences "CiTQ multidisciplinary seminars", firstly with the aim to expand the already existing offer to the students of the program, but opening also to the ICIQ and the Campus. Each month a lecturer will be invited to give a lecture / seminar. As long as the situation generated by Covid-19 lasts, these conferences will be held online. The seminars will be in principle on Thursday at 12:00, but we will try to make the event compatible with the offer of the ICIQ, the Campus, and also the RSEQ, which also currently offers a cycle with important speakers.


Catalysis with Nanoparticles and Magnetic Fields
Dr. Bruno Chaudret Biography
Laboratoire de Physique et Chimie des Nano-Objets
Institut National des Sciences Appliquées, Université de Toulouse

Talk postponed to April 1, 2022

Palladium catalyzed coupling reactions of arenes with cooperating pyridone ligands
Prof. Ana C. Albéniz Biography
Instituto CINQUIMA
Universidad de Valladolid
Jueves, 27 de Enero 2022 a las 12:00


Portable infrared spectrometers: application, challenges, and perspectives
Prof. Barbara Giussani Biography
Smart analytical methods and applied chemometrics group
Università degli Studi dell'Insubriam,
Jueves, 24 de Febrero 2022 a las 12:00