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Professionals of Chemistry fluent in English are increasingly demanded, either by chemical companies or in the research area, where English is used worldwide. Chemistry is a fundamental branch of Science studying the structure, behaviour and changes of matter at the molecular level.

The goal of the Bachelor's degree in Chemistry fully taught in English is to educate qualified professionals for carrying out activity in the industrial, educational or research domains in an international environment. The learning plan, equivalent to that in Catalan/Spanish language, is carried out entirely in English (master classes, practical and laboratory work, oral presentations and exams). At the end of the Bachelor's degree you will be able of developing new chemical compounds and controlling chemical processes in different domains of major relevance for the society, such as food industry, health, environment and new materials areas. At present the URV is the only university in Catalonia or Spain offering the Bachelor's degree in Chemistry fully taught in English language.

Teaching is based on personalized follow up and tutoring approaches thanks to our low student-to-teacher ratio. The program will provide you with a firm theoretical basis of chemistry, together with the necessary practical application and laboratory work. The program will allow you to get skilled in teamwork, written and oral communication proficiency and critical thinking through discussions and complex problem solving. The last year of the Bachelor's degree, you can choose among a set of eligible courses to adapt it to your desired profile.

The B2 level of English is highly recommended to follow the courses, although the minimum requisite is the B1 level.

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