Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Five reasons to trust us

1. Chemistry and Biochemistry: URV specialities

Chemistry and Biochemistry are specialities that make a real difference to the URV. In Tarragona, unlike almost anywhere else in the world, they align the University, the industrial manufacturing sector and the international science parks, of which the Catalan Institute of Chemical Research (ICIQ) and the various centres that make up EURECAT (the Chemistry Technology Centre and the Technology Centre for Nutrition and Health). At the Faculty of Chemistry we provide undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry. DOW Chemical has chosen us as one of the eight strategic universities in Europe, Africa and the Middle East in the field of Chemistry from a total of 8,000.

2. International experience

The staff of the Faculty of Chemistry (FQ) is made up of professionals with recognized experience in academia and research. For several years now one of the strategic objectives of our faculty has been to attract international talent and to encourage our students to spend time at leading European and American universities. This grass-roots activity has improved our international standing, particularly in research, so another of our objectives is to improve the international preparation of our students. In this respect we have implemented such pioneering measures as teaching the Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry entirely in English.

3. Greater professional opportunities

The courses run by the FQ are characterized by the use of new technologies, teaching innovation and, above all, the practical nature of the programmes and experimental work in the laboratory and in industry through work experience initiatives and bachelor's theses. The fact that our students become so familiar with professional routines means that they have a much better chance of finding work once they have finished their degrees. As well as being well prepared scientifically, the students from the Faculty of Chemistry are valued for their initiative, people skills, communicative ability and capacity to adapt to changing environments.

4. Commitment to quality

At the Faculty of Chemistry we are strong supporters of quality public service, and for this we have a commitment to continuous improvement. In this sense, the degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology are the only ones in these fields that besides being recognized by the Agency for the Quality of the University System of Catalonia with the stamp of accreditation with excellence, have earned the stamp that accredits an excellent interaction between research and teaching. In parallel, several rankings make the excellence of our programs visible. The U-Ranking of the last four years, in fact, says that we are the best university in Spain to study Chemistry or Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. In the discipline of Chemistry, we are also the first University in the State and the only one in the top 100 according to the Shanghai Ranking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2019 and 2020 that analyzes more than 4000 universities around the world.

5. Personalized support

All students enrolled in the Faculty of Chemistry enjoy a wide range of services and learning support. Of particular interest are the free courses in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics for new undergraduates; the sessions Introduction to University Life, which show students how the University functions and explains the services on offer; tutorials (every student has a tutor who is on the teaching staff throughout the course and another student who acts as a mentor during the first year); and extra courses on issues such as the environment, innovation or career opportunities. 

  • "We are proud to share the future with you" 

    Chemistry and Biochemistry are two fascinating scientific fields. They have played a key role in the evolution and development of humanity, and they continue to provide essential support to our response to challenges in such varied fields as energy, health, the environment, food safety and material design. At the URV in Tarragona we have been generating knowledge and training quality professionals in these areas for 50 years and we are proud to share the future with you.
  • Ever since it was founded, the Faculty has been in close contact with the petrochemical industrial in Tarragona, the most important in southern Europe, and it has created bonds with the wide variety of industries in the agri-food, cosmetic and water purification sector. In conjunction with the other actors from research clusters in Chemistry and Biochemistry (Eurecat, ICIQ, IISPV and IRTA), we respond to the demand for technology and researchers who can be at the forefront of research in the coming years.

  • Joan Josep Carvajal Martí
  • Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry