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  • > The Faculty of Chemistry provides 19 hectares of equipment at the service of the community


The Faculty of Chemistry offers the university community more than 1000 m2 of classrooms, 6 teaching laboratories (1000 m2), 2 computer classrooms (100 m2), 27 research laboratories and 52 offices. The building occupies almost 19 hectares and is one of the main axes of activity in the Sescelades Campus. 

Furthermore, students have access to the Learning and Research Resource Centre (CRAI), which is a large repository with more than 3000 m2 in the Sescelades Campus. The CRAI includes, among others, services of query and borrow of documents, laptop borrow, interlibrary borrow, rooms for working teams, reprographics, spaces for learning languages, multimedia classrooms, etc. Additionally, it is one of the Wi-Fi points with the most connections of the URV. The ranking of Spanish libraries made by the University of Granada has rated the URV's CRAIs as the most efficient among university libraries throughout Spain. 

Another outstanding facility is the Scientific and Technical Resources Service, which supports research, development and transfer in all scientific and technological areas of the URV. Students mainly access to this Service during laboratory practices in degree studies or in the final degree project or final master project.

There are also two management structures in the Campus:  Campus secretariat for academic management, which manages the administrative procedures related to the registration and academic records of the students, and the Campus Logistics Office, which manages the infrastructures and provides logistical support to the users of the Campus.