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Dual Degree in Chemistry


A mention is a specialisation within the degree that is achieved by passing a certain set of subjects from the syllabus.

The Dual Degree in Chemistry at the URV enables students to develop the skills inherent to the degree in a professional environment through internships in companies in the chemical sector throughout the academic year, and to receive specific training from professionals in aspects of business and industry, such as business awareness, logistics, industrial legislation, safety, sustainability, etc. The initiative aims to provide students with better preparation in many of the aspects they will need to enter the chemical industry sector once they have graduated. The programme is supported by the Association of Chemical Businesses of Tarragona (AEQT)

The Dual mention (54 ECTS) immerses the student in the chemical industry during the first year of the degree through an in-company internship of more than 1100 hours. The company hires the student, who receives a salary (equivalent to the minimum wage) for the duration of the internship. Each student is assigned specific tutoring from September to June by a professional from the company and a lecturer from the Faculty of Chemistry, who monitors and evaluates the student.
Between 5 and 10 places are offered each year to students on the Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry (out of all the courses offered in Catalan and English). 
The subjects of the dual mention are organised as follows: 

Applying to study for the Dual mention
In order to study for the Dual mention, students are highly recommended to have passed all the subjects from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of the degree before starting the course. The application and admission process involves the following steps:

Participating companies
During the 2021-22 academic year, the companies in the Tarragona area that have taken part in the dual pathway by welcoming students from the Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry are:

Other chemical companies have expressed their interest in taking part in the dual pathway in the coming years. 
For any enquiries about the nature of the dual degree this itinerary and any of its characteristics, please contact us:

Testimonials from Dual Mention students

Carla Gámez (dual mention at Maystar)

By doing the dual mention I have been able to experience what day-to-day life is like in a chemical company. It is a very wide-ranging environment where you learn new things every day, have to adapt to new circumstances, and put to the test all your previously acquired and new knowledge. There is no doubt that it is a very enriching experience, both professionally and personally, and that it helps you to find out which path you want to follow.

Irene Sabaté (dual mention at Clariant)

The dual mention has allowed me to learn about how a chemical company works both from the inside and out, and to be able to apply and enrich my university knowledge thanks to the different tasks I carried out and the help and experience of my colleagues.

Sergio Lorenzo (dual mention at Clariant)

During these months I have learned a lot about the workplace, the chemical industry and the chemistry that takes place within it. I have found it to be a very good experience and a unique opportunity, from my point of view this new form of training is a great idea..