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Faculty of Chemistry



The School of Chemistry's main objective is to provide good graduates in Chemistry and Biochemistry to society. Fully related to their enviroment, the faculty responds to a clear social need, as it is located in the middle of what will be the largest petrochemical and industrial center in southern Europe.

This is why it was one of the pioneering centers, together with the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts of Rovira i Virgili University, with presence in Tarragona since 1971.

Throughout this period, and with effort, it has been consolidated as a recognized center, not only in the academic and scientific area, but also in the professional sphere, due to their academic quality and the standards achieved by its graduates.

The constant evolution of the social demand makes our Institute being adapted to future demands. For that, it offers a study program that provides to its future graduates with capacity for leadership, responsibility, ability to work, team spirit, communication skills, adaptability to changing environments, learning ability, solid training and command, leadership and motivation skills for work.

The Faculty of Chemistry offers courses that lead to degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, with 80 and 40 new places respectively. Since 2014-2015 the faculty offers the Double degree in Biotechnology and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology too, with 10 new places. And since 2003-2004, the Faculty also issues a University Specific Degree in Chemical Fundamentals.

Moreover, the School of Chemistry also teaches Postgraduate studies (Masters and PhD). The Official master's degrees offered are: Synthesis, Catalysis and Molecular Design (30 places), Nutrition and Metabolism (60 places), Chemical Industry (20 places), Chromatographic Applied Techniques (25 places).