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Quality Assurance

The URV has defined its policy and strategy of teaching quality, as well as responsibilities in ensuring the quality of teaching. Within this context, the Faculty of Chemistry participated as a pilot center, along with the Faculty of Tourism and Geography, at the call of AUDIT 2007. The Quality Assurance Teaching URV Model that was presented to apply for certification through the program AUDIT of the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA) was assessed positively (version 0.1) by AQU Catalonia in 2009, as well as its portability to the other centers.

The Faculty of Chemistry:

  • Has defined its own Quality Policy, approved by the Faculty Board on 26 June 2009.
  • He created the Teaching Quality and Monitoring Committee, the key body to assess academic results and make proposals to improve the implementation of Bachelor and Master.
  • He designed and implemented the System for Internal Quality Assurance (SIGQ). Version 2.2 was adopted on 14 December 2015.

At the Faculty of Chemistry, the URV offers the following Bachelor's and Master's degrees:

IN SPANISH AND CATALAN [Report Verification] [Evaluation reports] [RUCT] [Accredittation certificate]

IN SPANISH AND CATALAN [Report Verification] [Evaluation reports] [RUCT] [Accredittation certificate]

  • Master in Forensic Genetics, Physics and Chemistry

IN SPANISH AND CATALAN [Report Verification] [Evaluation reports] [RUCT]

IN SPANISH AND CATALAN [Report Verification] [Evaluation reports] [RUCT] [Accredittation certificate]

IN SPANISH AND CATALAN [Report Verification] [Evaluation reports] [RUCT] [Accredittation certificate]

IN SPANISH AND CATALAN [Report Verification] [Evaluation reports] [RUCT]

To ensure their quality and suitability, the centers should publish regularly updated information, impartial and objective information, both quantitative and qualitative, about the programs and awards, should be monitored annually for these qualifications and undergo regularly an accreditation process to validate the official character of the same:

Accreditation involves the development of a self-report and the visit of a Commission External Evaluation:

The university orientation represents a quality factor in the development of qualifications within the EEES. In this sense, the Faculty of Chemistry gives priority to academic supervision in an attempt to provide students with the assistance and guidelines they require if they are to integrate into the university and develop academically. In this regard, the Faculty of Chemistry has designed and approved its Tutorial Action Plan.

IN CATALAN [Evaluation reports Action Plan Tutorial]